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Duct-Tape-Dummy Guide

What is a DTD?
A DTD, or Duct-Tape-Dummy, is a duct tape cast of your body. This is required to be made for all bodysuits, so that we can make sure it fits your body perfectly. This gets rid of the need for the client to send in several measurements, and allows for us to test the fit and make adjustments.
When making your DTD, please follow these instructions as closely as possible to ensure you make the best quality dummy, or it may need to be remade.


Materials needed:

-Painter's coveralls suit

-Duct tape (use high quality tape, not the cheap stuff)


-Sharp scissors



To get started, wear only your undergarments underneath and put the painter's coveralls on. Make sure you get the right size of coveralls, they need to go all the way down to your wrists and ankles. It's okay if the coveralls are too large, they can be taped down smaller.



Start by doing one layer of tape at your ankles, going as far down as possible on your leg.



Next, tape around your upper thigh all the way around, from your crotch up to your hip and back down. You need to go all the way up to the crotch to ensure a correct fit on your suit, do not tape way below your crotch.



Tape all the way around your hips, both on the back and the front, to have about the same coverage as underwear.



Start taping up your leg. You may have air pockets form, you can make a small cut to the coveralls to let the air escape as you tape it.



Finish taping both legs. Make sure to use multiple layers of duct tape for stability. Make sure you can very slightly move your knees, don't lock your knees while making your DTD.



Tape around your wrists. Make sure to go down all the way to where your hand starts.



Hold your arms up in a T pose and tape snugly around your shoulder and armpit. Do this on both arms.



Next will be taping the torso. Start by taping around the smallest part of your waist.


STEP 10:

Tape up your torso, both front and back. Tape up your shoulders as well. If your coveralls have a zipper in the front, please tape over the zipper and do not leave it exposed, this can compromise the fit of the suit.


STEP 11:

Next is to start taping the arms. The easiest way to keep your arm up in a T pose is to hold onto something, like a broom. Do not let your arm sag down! It needs to be as close to 90 degrees as possible.


STEP 12:
Tape the other arm the same way, and make sure to tape up to around your neck and over your shoulders. All of the coveralls should be covered now. Use multiple layers of duct tape for stability.


STEP 13:
Mark where your knees and elbows are with a O or X, and mark the tail where you wear your belt. If you have SPH zippers, mark where you want those to start and end. Write your name/your character name on the front of your DTD. Please do not write or draw anything inappropriate on the DTD.

STEP 14:
After this, your DTD is done! Carefully use the scissors to cut it off. It's easiest to make a cut straight down the back, then down the back of your legs, and on the top of your arms from your neck to your wrist. RETAPE THE DTD BACK TOGETHER BEFORE SENDING! Any untaped DTDs will incur an extra fee for our time and materials in retaping it. When retaping the DTD, use several layered strips across the cut, not just a strip up the cut line. It needs to be securely taped back together or it will split open as we're using it, and it may need to be remade or a fee applied.

Once your DTD is done and taped back up, you can fold/roll it up and send it to us in a small box. You don't need a large box to send the DTD, it's sturdy enough to be folded.

If you have any questions while making your DTD, please reach out and we will be happy to answer them.

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