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Frequently Asked Questions & Terms of Service

Are you open for commissions?

If you see the 'Quote Form' page at the top, that means we are open! If not, then we're currently closed. We usually open at least once every 4-6 months. We open frequently and take a small number of slots each time to keep wait times low and quality high.

How does the commission process work?

The commission process begins when you apply for a slot. When we are open for new orders, a 'Quote Form' page will be visible at the top of the page. Fill out the quote form with all the information needed, and we will review it and email you a price quote. This is a no obligation quote- You don't have to accept it if it's not what you're looking for. If you do like the price, reply back to the quote email confirming that. Once we have all confirmations in and quotes are closed, we will select our projects and email those we have chosen. The projects are chosen based on what type of suit it is, the design, and proposed payments.

When your project is chosen, you will sign a contract, verify your age with your ID, and make your first payment. Once it's closer to the time when your suit will be started, we will go over fur and fabric choices with you and order those. Once your suit is started, we will send consistent work-in-progress update images/videos, and ask for approval at certain stages. When complete, you will pay the shipping cost and it will be sent to you.

What kinds of suits will you make?

We focus on toony-styled suits, with the heads built on carved foam bases. All heads have 2D/flat eyes, we no longer offer 3D/following eyes. We strive for an overall softer, cartoony look which means rounder fingers and toes, big ears, expressive eyes, lightweight construction, and easy wearability.

What features do you offer on your suits?

We currently offer flat/2D eyes, Velcro eyelids for changeable expressions, and choice of fur and other materials (to an extent). We can make horns, spikes, antlers, claws, and some types of wings (small, medium, or large sized back wings or attached arm wings). On handpaws, we offer the option of 'finger-escapes', which are fully lined and completely hidden holes in the paw that you can stick your fingers through without removing the paw. We can work with electronics such as fans and LEDs as long as they are already wired and ready- we cannot wire them ourselves. We also offer adult features, feel free to ask for examples for those. All suit parts including heads are completely machine washable!

We DO NOT offer: Moving jaws, 3D/following eyes, 3D printed or resin-based heads (unless by special opportunity), glass/realistic styled eyes, silicone parts, intricate armor, removable eyes, wig hair, or electronics work including LEDs and fans that need wiring.

Do you do artistic freedom suits?

Yes! We love doing artistic freedom. We will design you a character and build it to your fit. We can work off of just what species of animal you want and/or a color palette. Artistic freedom slots have the choice of seeing the design as we build it, or having a 'blind build' where the buyer won't see the design until they open the box. When an artistic freedom design is created, the client will get to request only minor changes. If you want something more specific, please go with custom instead of artistic freedom.

Will you work with minors?

Unfortunately, we will not work with anyone under the age of 18, as they cannot legally enter into a binding contract. No exceptions. All clients receiving a quote or a suit slot need to be 18+, we prefer not to work with parents of a minor child. Please wait until you are 18 to commission us.

How do payments work?

When requesting a slot, you will need to have at least 35% of the total cost ready as a down payment, due within 48 hours of being approved for the slot. We will accept monthly payments of at least $300.00 each month to be paid towards the balance. Clients who can pay off the full cost of their suit up front have a better chance of having their slot be approved and will be placed at the front of the queue with a shorter wait time. Failure to make timely payments or to pay it off in a reasonable amount of time will cause your slot to be pushed further back in the queue, and may result in project cancellation. If a project is dropped due to consistent non-payment, all except the 35% deposit will be returned. If the suit cannot be paid off before it's time to make it, the slot will not be approved.

Late payments: Each time a payment is missed, a charge of +$50 will be added to your balance. After 3 late payments, we may cancel your slot, refunding all but the deposit.

If the client needs to cancel and drop their suit slot for ANY reason, all except for the 35% deposit will be returned. The deposit will be kept by Ritz Costumes to cover the loss of the slot, material cost, fee for holding the slot, and costs for filling the slot with a new client. In the event of a cancellation, no materials will be sent to the cancelling client. If Ritz Costumes needs to cancel the slot for any reason, a full refund including the deposit will be provided to the client. Clients may NOT sell their place in the queue to another person.

Accepted payment methods: Credit card, debit card, Apple pay, Google pay, bank transfer, Venmo, Zelle, Money order, Check, Cash (locals only). We DO NOT accept PayPal.

Will you emulate another maker's style?

Absolutely not. If you want that person's style, please commission them instead. We have our own style that we have developed and will be making all of my costumes that way. This includes the way we do heads, hands, feet, tails, bodies, and padding shapes. Please do not submit a picture of another maker's work requesting something similar.

Can your heads fit glasses? Do you do moving jaws?

We can try to accommodate glasses, but we cannot guarantee a fit. It is highly recommended that you do not wear glasses while suiting anyways since the heat and moisture inside any head will make them fog up. People continually ask for room for glasses in heads despite this warning, then they deal with fogging anyways. Anti-fogging spray does not work for this! Please wear contacts instead if possible! We do not offer moving jaws (except in the rare instance we may offer a 3D printed head base).

Can you make me a suit in time for a convention/meet/holiday/etc?

We do not offer deadlines for any of our suits, unless it is a special offering like an auction. We want to ensure that we put the proper time and work into each costume we build, so that the quality doesn't suffer. Because our completion times are generally short, as long as you commission us at least 6 months in advance you should have your suit in time.

Do you require a Duct Tape Dummy (DTD)?

All commissions that include a bodysuit will require the client to make a Duct Tape Dummy (DTD). We have very specific instructions that we will give to clients when it is time to make it. Our instructions must be followed, or we may ask the client to remake it if it is unsatisfactory. DTDs must be retaped before being sent to us, or we will charge an extra $100 fee to retape it ourselves.

DTD's must be received within 4 weeks of being requested, or your bodysuit slot may be forfeit. This is to keep our queue running smoothly and prevent delays in completing each suit.

What materials are your suits made of?

All heads are made from a base we hand-carve out of upholstery foam custom to each commission. Eyes are made out of plastic sheets, with dye-sublimated waterproof mesh irises. Hands, feet, tails, and body padding are all stuffed with polyfil stuffing for breathability, comfort, and being easy to squish down for travel. Feet are made with the faux fur outside, an inner quilted broadcloth lining, and an EVA foam sole for comfort. They feel like snug slippers! Tails are made out of faux fur and polyfil stuffing, with a durable cap and belt loops made out of quilted broadcloth. Pawpads are usually made from marine vinyl but may also be made with fleece or minky fabric based on available colors or client request. Noses are carved out of foam and covered with either vinyl, minky, or fleece. Teeth are sewn from fleece and stuffed with polyfil. We use low temp and high temp hot glue as well as e6000 glue. All fur used is faux fur fabric, and all vinyl/pleather used is plastic- NO animal products are used in making any of our costumes.

Do you offer 'adult' costumes?

We do! If requested, we can put zippers or added sewn/sculpted/padded features anywhere you like. Extra zippers are +$100 each. For other sewn features, extra fees will apply based on the scope of the project. Feel free to contact us privately if you would like examples.



-Anyone receiving a quote or requesting a slot must be over 18 years old, we will not work with minors. We will ask for a photograph of the client's ID or drivers license before accepting the slot.

-Suit parts will not be started until the entire slot has been paid in full. 

-Estimated start and completion times are estimates only. The client's suit may be finished early if it is paid off and we are running ahead of schedule, or may be pushed later if it is not paid off by the estimated start time.

-We do not accept deadlines under any circumstances unless explicitly offered from the beginning.

-We accept payment plans on commissions greater than $500. For commissions $500 and less, full payment is required. All suit parts require a 35% non-refundable down-payment which must be made within 48 hours of accepting the slot. This covers the cost of materials, our time researching the materials and giving the client a quote, and secures their slot. Monthly payments of $300 or more must be made every month. Missing a payment could mean losing the slot, in which case we would refund everything except for the deposit. We understand something might come up, but it is the client's job to communicate with us ahead of time. Each missed payment will result in a +$50 fee added to your balance.

-Accepted payment methods: Credit card, debit card, Apple pay, Google pay, bank transfer, money order, check, cash (locals only), Venmo, and Zelle. We DO NOT accept PayPal. 

-CANCELLATION POLICY: In the event of the client wanting to cancel the suit, the deposit will be forfeit. We will try to accommodate cancellations, but a cancellation will cause the client to be permanently blacklisted from commissioning us in the future for any item. Refunds may either be paid all at once, or in payments, based on how the slot was paid for. Clients are NOT permitted to re-sell their slot in the queue.

-Suits are usually finished within 1-4 months. If a client's suit is not finished within 6 months of full payment, then the client is entitled to a full refund including the deposit, if they wish for it (minus the cost of any already completed parts, if applicable).

-We may accept materials from the client to apply towards the cost of a suit on a case-by-case basis. We will not accept materials that are too old (due to dye lot differences), that have a smell, or are dirty. We may be willing to work off of other artists head bases if requested, on a case-by-case basis.

-All suits come with a 30 day warranty for manufacturing defects, and a 90 day warranty for normal wear and tear. This includes popped seams, broken zippers, lost claws, etc. This warranty does not cover more extreme intentional or accidental damage, which we would repair on an hourly basis ($50/hr) for minor work, or recommend a full remake for heavier damage. All suits coming back for repairs or maintenance must be cleaned before sending. Any suit that has been heat damaged in the dryer will need to be remade at the client's expense - The fur cannot be fixed. If a client wishes to have their head deep cleaned at any time, they can send it in to us and we will safely wash it and return it. The client will only need to pay shipping both ways.


-Any repairs/adjustments will be added to our queue at our convenience. If you need a repair or adjustment, please let us know as soon as possible because we cannot accommodate last-minute fixes before an event.

- We DO NOT offer repairs, fixes, or adjustments while at conventions. No exceptions.

-We will make adult fursuits, but there is no warranty on these for our own sanitary reasons.

-We will not emulate or copy another makers style, please commission them instead if you want their style.

-Artistic freedom suits are designed by us and sent to the client for approval. The client will get to request only MINOR changes, such as eye or hair color. If the client would want something more specific, do not go with artistic freedom. An artistic freedom client also has the option of a "blind" fursuit, where they don't know what it looks like until they receive it!

-Bodysuits require a duct-tape-dummy. Please be prepared to make one for any slot which includes a bodysuit. If the client does not provide a satisfactory duct-tape-dummy in a timely manner (within 4 weeks of request), the bodysuit portion of the costume could be deemed forfeited and will be dropped from the commission without a refund of that portion (the rest of the costume will be completed as a partial).

-All duct-tape-dummies need to be made to our specifications and with our instructions, which will be provided to the client when it is time to make it. Any unsatisfactory dummies will need to be remade at client expense. Do not write or draw anything obscene or inappropriate on your DTD- we will ask for it to be remade.

-The duct-tape-dummy MUST be taped back up securely (with more than one layer of tape, horizontally across the cut) by the client prior to sending it to us to work with. Any untaped or poorly taped dummies will incur an extra $100.00 fee for our time and materials to tape it back up.

-Some colors do not exist as fur. We will do our best to exactly match the fur colors to the client's character, but the colors may vary slightly. In this case, we will discuss the closest options available with the client.

-Some designs do not work in a 3D space or have inconsistent markings, if this is the case we will discuss any necessary changes or adjustments to the client's design before implementing them.

-We no longer work with wigs for fursuits. Any hair requested on the suit will be made from faux fur or NFT (National Fiber Tech) fur.

-We will only work with limited electronics in suits, including LEDs and fans. Any electronics requested will be at client expense and must be wired and ready before we receive them. Including electronics in your suit head makes it unwashable.

-Suits made by us may be modified by the buyer or another person after receiving, but this will void any warranty.


-Suits may be resold at any price. Since it is the client's property, they can do with it as they wish (however it's not cool to resell it immediately upon receiving it to get more money).

-Please understand that the more markings a bodysuit has, the weaker it will be. More markings means more sewing, which increases the chance for popped seams. This is not a manufacturing defect, but is the nature of these materials. Suit parts with heavy sewn markings will have fabric glue placed over the back of the stitching to prevent popped seams.

-We are not accepting any commissions to refurbish existing suits we did not make. Refurbishments for suits we did make may be considered on a case by case basis, at a rate of $50/hr. For refurbishments, an initial deposit will be collected to cover X hours of work, and more may need to be paid depending on how much more time it takes.

-Quotes are dependent on the accuracy of the references and description. Please have clear, updated, flat colored, safe-for-work references. We will not accept text references, or revisions to markings that are not clearly on the visual references (i.e., please don't give us a reference then a list of changes that it needs on the suit. Please commission an updated reference before applying). We cannot make an updated reference for you.

-Inaccurate or incomplete descriptions WILL incur extra charges down the road if changes must be made. We reserve the right to refuse to make any changes that were not shown on the reference sheet.

-Progress pictures will be shown throughout the process, including the head base being done, the patterning, and finishing details. The client is allowed input to a certain extent, but being too nit picky could delay your suit or may result in cancellation in extreme cases. WIPs are not shown for hands, feet, and tails since we have set patterns we use for these and they will not vary much from one to the next.

-We may consider making cosplay fursuits/existing characters on a case by case basis only (i.e. Pokemon, digimon, certain video game characters, etc).


-All shipping and insurance costs are paid by the client. All suits being shipped will have full insurance coverage added as a standard, we will not ship any suit without added insurance. Suits are shipped with USPS or UPS for US-based clients and USPS or Fedex for international clients, unless the client wants to use another provider.


-In the event of a suit being lost or damaged in transit, we will file a claim with the shipping company. It is up to our discretion at the time whether we will reimburse the client for the full amount, or remake all the parts as needed.

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