These are base prices, and many projects will cost more than this price based on materials and complexity of the design.



Just the costume head built to your size and design.

Heads start at $1100.00 and are foam with following eyes by default. Flat/2D eyes can be added for no additional cost..

NOTE: I only do toony style heads! I do not do realistic or semi-realistic. I do not work with glass eyes or resin bases. I do not offer moving jaws.

All heads are made from hand-carved upholstery foam. They come fully lined with a soft neoprene lining for comfort and breathability.

Velcro eyelids are available for $50 per set. Any velcro eyelid requests need to be discussed up front. Velcro eyelids are better than magnets, as you can move one set into multiple positions for a variety of expressions!


Standard non-padded or plush padded hand paws.

Standard non-padded 4 or 5 finger handpaws start at $300.00

Plush padded 4 or 5 finger handpaws start at $350.00
Unique paws (requiring a new pattern) will cost $400.00+.

Hoof hands are $250.00

Finger-escape paws are $50.00 extra- Finger escapes are only available on 4-finger paws and hoof hands.
Fleece claws can be added for $20.00 extra.

All paws come fully lined with a light, breathable printed cotton lining.


Plush stuffed feet paws.

4 or 5 toed mammal feet start at $300.00 for outdooor (foam-rubber) soles. Indoor (pawpad soles) start at $350.00.

Hoof feet start at $250.00 for outdoor soles and $300.00 for indoor soles.

Unique feet (new pattern needed) start at $400.00
Fleece claws can be added for $20.00 extra.

All feet come stuffed and lined, with an EVA foam sole. They are one size fits all, and have no shoe or upholstery foam.



Plush stuffed tails with durable vinyl belt loop attachments.

Tails start at $50.00 for very small ones, such as for deer, rabbits, etc.
Canine and feline style medium sized tails start at $100.00.
Striped tiger or spotted snow leopard tails and extra large floor length tails start at $200.00.


Just the bodysuit!

Bodysuits start at $1000.00 for a plantigrade (no padding) style body.
Padded bodysuits start at $1200.00.

Special padding beyond digitigrade leg padding is available- I can pad to just about any body shape!

Extra zippers are +$100 each.
All bodysuits come with a front belly zipper unless it is requested to be put in the back. All bodysuits require a Duct Tape Dummy.


Partial Suit

Everything but the body!

Partials start at $1800.00 and include the head, hands, feet, and tail. Optionally, partials can be commissioned without the feet starting at $1500.

Arm sleeves can be added to any partial starting at $100.00.

Plantigrade fullsuits

A full suit from head to toe, with no body padding.

All plantigrade fullsuits come with a head, hands, feet, tail, and a non-padded bodysuit, all custom fit and to your design.
Plantigrade fullsuits start at $2800.00.


Padded fullsuits

A full suit from head to toe, with body padding.

All digitigrade fullsuits come with a head, hands, feet, tail, and a padded bodysuit, all custom fit and to your design. Body padding can range from digitigrade legs, to thigh/haunches padding, to more extreme padding to hide the wearers body shape.
Digitigrade fullsuits start at $3000.00.

Commissions and quotes are currently:
CLOSED. Next opening: November 2021.
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